A fine dining experience to a social gathering - La Marvella offers the best in food and drinks

Whether you are in mood for a quiet dinner, a family gathering or a peppy party - just walk in to La Marvella and we'll have the perfect solution for you. Golden Oak, our premium restaurant, with its rich ambience will satiate your love of food. While walk in to 21C to experience a throbbing nightlife perfectly complimented by finest of drinks and lively music.

Golden Oak

Fine blend of mustard, beige and ochre create a rich, warm ambience best suited for romantic dinners or family get togethers. The rich ambience of the restaurant is further accentuated by the delicate flavours of Indian and International cuisines deftly prepared by our chefs. Our staff members are attentive to all your requests and would gladly oblige to fine tune the taste of the food to suit your palettes. Let them know if you need your dish to be less spicy or if you're not fond of any particular ingredient. We also have an extraordinary collection of desserts up our sleeves. 

Dine-In Restaurant
Golden oak Multi-cuisine Restaurant
La Marvella Restaurant

21C - The Lounge Bar

One of the most upbeat and happening places in the town - 21C is the ideal place to unwind with friends over the finest of liquors and lively music. Select from a range of subtly blended cocktails or a selection of premium liquor, indulge in light hearted conversations or put on your dancing shoes. Here, we celebrate life every day and the party is never ending. 

21C Bar
21C Coolest Bar1

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